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The Capitol Hill Riot, Evangelicalism, and the Way Forward with Bill Riedel

January 15th, 2021

Bill Riedel founded Redemption Hill Church back in 2010 with a vision to carry the Gospel to the most powerful city in the world, and he and his family live within walking distance of the Capitol. At the time of this recording he was notified that his church building has fallen within the barricades set up to guard our elected officials from credible threats of attack. In addition to planting Redemption Hill Church, Bill is also an EFCA board member and part of the Acts 29 network, where he recently published an article about the events of January 6th. In this episode we talk about what Bill experienced being in close proximity to the protest-turned-riot, and then have a larger discussion about Christian Nationalism and the place it occupies in many of our churches. This is a real, raw, and honest conversation about the difference between the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of men, and how many well-meaning Evangelicals have confused the two. However, we also talk about how we have reason to hope that, even in this dark time, the Gospel can emerge with greater clarity and effectiveness than ever before.

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