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Seminary-level Education For Any Woman in EFCA with Gloria Grell and Dr.Pam MacRae.

September 28th, 2022

Are you a woman or do you know a woman who would love the opportunity to get solid theological training but aren't able to attend seminary or go to a Bible college? EFCA has launched Prepared, an innovative opportunity for women nationwide to grow in their knowledge of theology, hermeneutics, homiletics, and ministry leadership. Director Gloria Grell and Dr. Pam MacRae talk about why this program was launched and what it hopes to accomplish. One of the key insights is that many women don't set out early in life to be in vocational ministry. However, because of their giftedness and availability, they are asked to serve in a local church role where this kind of training would greatly increase their ministry effectiveness. The time to sign up for the next cohort is now, and space is limited. Also, ten scholarships covering up to 50% of the tuition are available for women serving in EFCA West churches. Contact for more info.

The Forgotten Refugees with John Cook of Indigenous Ministries

July 13th, 2022

While the refugee crisis that engulfed large regions of Iraq and Syria several years ago has long since disappeared from the news cycle, it remains an ongoing catastrophe. The damage inflicted by ISIS further devastated much of these already war-torn lands, and  unspeakable acts of violence and horror were committed against innocent men, women, and children. These victims are now trying to forge a life out of the ashes. John Cook, of Indigenous Ministries, International, has built relationships with key leaders in Iraq and has established a strong ministry that uses child sponsorship as a way to bring not only resources like food and clothing to refugees, but the Gospel as well. This episode dives into what long-term commitment to a region requires, and how local churches can help bring real hope and restoration. If you are interested in learning more, go to the site or contact John at

Developing Young Leaders with Katie Dudgeon

February 6th, 2022

One of the biggest challenges facing the church today is effectively developing young leaders. If they sense that there is no place for them, or that there is no intentionality involved in helping them grow, they will eventually go elsewhere. But it doesn't have to be that way. Katie Dudgeon of ReachGlobal has joined the EFCA West staff for the purpose of helping churches develop their young leaders. In this episode we talk about not only the challenges young leaders face, but how she can come alongside churches to provide mentorship and training for them. We also talk about her background and how she ended up being the ReachGlobal leader for the mission in Berlin, Germany. If you are interested in finding out how she can help you build and strengthen the young leaders in your church, reach out to her at

How Your Church Can Help Afghan Refugees Now with Tom Shook

November 19th, 2021

The United States’ recent departure from Afghanistan has resulted in thousands of refugees arriving in the US to be resettled. Their lives have completely upended and they now face the challenge of learning a new language, adopting a new culture, and beginning a new life. It is in times like these that the church has often risen up to care for those who are in vulnerable situations. Tom Shook, along with his wife Gayle, work with the EFCA National Ministries as refugee immigrant mission advocates and have become experts at helping churches reach out to and meet the needs of our new neighbors. In this episode, Tom will offer creative ideas on how any church can show hospitality as well as cultural intelligence insights that are necessary for this type of endeavor. He also specializes in consulting with individual churches either in person or online. Listen to this episode and then reach out to Tom at

Keep Showing Up with Scott McKinney

November 5th, 2021

Sometimes the best way to hang in there over the long haul is to hear stories of others who have hit hard times and have prevailed. Pastor Scott McKinney has been pastoring CenterPoint Church in Orem, UT, for over thirty years, and his is one of those stories. When he first arrived back in the 1980's from Southern California, everyone thought he was crazy for taking over a dying church that didn't seem to stand a chance in the middle of an LDS-dominant culture. However, Scott committed himself to long-term ministry there, and the result has been a church that is flourishing. His book, Keep Showing Up: A Utah Pastor's Journey, is a fantastic read, as it not only chronicles the ups and downs that come from church revitalization in a difficult community, but it is also instructive on how to understand your cultural context and even learn to love it, especially as a "religious minority." This episode is full of practical wisdom and encouragement for anyone who wants to finish well in ministry!

The Horror of Hell with Greg Strand

October 22nd, 2021

Every single day, untold numbers of people will leave this earth. Some of them will, like the thief on the cross, be with Jesus in paradise “today.” Others, however, will step into a place of punishment and pain that is beyond imagination. As much as we’d rather not think about it, Hell is a real place with which we must contend. In this episode, Greg Strand, director of Theology and Credentialing for the Evangelical Free Church of America, takes us deep into the reality and implications of “eternal conscious punishment." He also helps us understand why annihilationism threatens our entire theological orthodoxy. While Greg recommends a variety of resources for further study, one in particular is Hell Under Fire by Christopher Morgan.

Transformational Preaching with Darin McWatters

October 8th, 2021

Becoming an excellent preacher is a lifelong process, and taking the time to learn from others is one of the best ways to improve. Darin McWatters, Lead Shepherd at Fullerton Free Church, helps us understand how he prepares sermons that create impact each week. We talk about how Darin "found his voice” as a preacher and how you can as well. Also, he shares with us how he approaches the biblical text each week, utilizes notes, handles feedback and criticism, and navigates politics and other hot-button issues from the pulpit. This episode was taken from a First Wednesday Workshop on October 6, 2021, called Transformational Preaching. For even more insights on preaching, check out an earlier episode with Dr. Lucas O'Neill from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

Military Chaplaincy: Why You or Someone You Know Should Do It with Ethan Hedberg and Michael Callahan

September 24th, 2021

Have you ever wondered about becoming a chaplain in our nation's armed services? Do you know someone who is thinking about it but not sure whether to take the risk? In this episode, our guests talk about the calling they each received to step into this role, and the amazing opportunities they've had to impact the lives of our men and women in uniform ever since. In addition to being pastors, both Ethan Hedberg of Ambassador Church and Michael Callahan of Covina Evangelical Free Church serve our nation in a part-time capacity, gaining access to places and people in the U.S. military that others only dream about. Each branch of our armed services desperately needs more EFCA-credentialed men and women willing to step into the fray and be a visible reminder of the holy. If you're interested the real story of military chaplaincy, and how to get involved, you need to listen to this episode. Finally, visit the EFCA Military Chaplains page to learn more or feel free to reach out to Ethan, Michael, or Yours Truly for any questions. 

Understanding Sexual Issues in the Culture and in the Church with Dr. Amy Stumpf

September 10th, 2021

This episode is from an EFCA West First Wednesday Worskshop with Dr. Amy Stumpf, professor of Society and Religion at Cal Baptist University in Riverside, CA. The result was an extremely practical and informative discussion on how to minister effectively to those facing issues of same-sex attraction, intersexuality, and gender dysphoria. In addition to being the world of academia, Dr. Stumpf is also the wife of Pastor Paul Stumpf, of Colton Community Church (EFCA) in Colton, CA. This episode is vital for anyone seeking a better understanding of these sensitive and highly-charged issues.

The Real Story About The Border Crisis and What You Can Do

August 31st, 2021

It is true that the closer you get to something, the more complicated it becomes. Alex Rivero, EFCA West's Director of All People Ministries, and Tim Jacobs discuss what they learned during a recent trip to the border along with ten other EFCA pastors and leaders. Traveling with Abara Ministries, the team had the opportunity to be briefed by members of the United States Border Patrol, as well as visit a shelter across the border in Juarez for refugees who had been turned away for asylum in the US. In this episode you'll hear aspects of the immigration issue that you'll never hear discussed in the news, as well as specific steps you can take to become part of the solution no matter where you live. If you have more questions about how EFCA West is addressing the immigration crisis, please reach out to Alex at

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