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Keep Showing Up with Scott McKinney

November 5th, 2021

Sometimes the best way to hang in there over the long haul is to hear stories of others who have hit hard times and have prevailed. Pastor Scott McKinney has been pastoring CenterPoint Church in Orem, UT, for over thirty years, and his is one of those stories. When he first arrived back in the 1980's from Southern California, everyone thought he was crazy for taking over a dying church that didn't seem to stand a chance in the middle of an LDS-dominant culture. However, Scott committed himself to long-term ministry there, and the result has been a church that is flourishing. His book, Keep Showing Up: A Utah Pastor's Journey, is a fantastic read, as it not only chronicles the ups and downs that come from church revitalization in a difficult community, but it is also instructive on how to understand your cultural context and even learn to love it, especially as a "religious minority." This episode is full of practical wisdom and encouragement for anyone who wants to finish well in ministry!

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