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Post-Election Reflections with Kevin Kompelien and Jack Hamilton

November 10th, 2020

This is the audio version of a Wednesday Workshop called Post-Election Reflections with Kevin Kompelien, president of the Evangelical Free Church of America, and Jack Hamilton, who spent decades as the executive pastor of High Desert Church in Victorville, CA, and now mentors pastors all over the United States. We talk about the thoughts and emotions that those in our congregations are experiencing post-election, and what it looks like to keep the mission clear in these days. Also, because undoubtedly every pastor and church leader in America has been put in a brutally difficult situation we dive into how to handle criticism, very practically and personally. If we’re going to make it over the long haul, we’ve got to learn how to deal with the pain that comes when those who have faithfully walked with us, for whatever reason, choose to walk away, or even turn against us. This was a special episode in so many ways.

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