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Military Chaplaincy: Why You or Someone You Know Should Do It with Ethan Hedberg and Michael Callahan

September 24th, 2021

Have you ever wondered about becoming a chaplain in our nation's armed services? Do you know someone who is thinking about it but not sure whether to take the risk? In this episode, our guests talk about the calling they each received to step into this role, and the amazing opportunities they've had to impact the lives of our men and women in uniform ever since. In addition to being pastors, both Ethan Hedberg of Ambassador Church and Michael Callahan of Covina Evangelical Free Church serve our nation in a part-time capacity, gaining access to places and people in the U.S. military that others only dream about. Each branch of our armed services desperately needs more EFCA-credentialed men and women willing to step into the fray and be a visible reminder of the holy. If you're interested the real story of military chaplaincy, and how to get involved, you need to listen to this episode. Finally, visit the EFCA Military Chaplains page to learn more or feel free to reach out to Ethan, Michael, or Yours Truly for any questions. 

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