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Build Something Great for the Kingdom of God with Scott Achterling

November 13th, 2020

Everyone knows the church isn’t a building. But, when planned for wisely, buildings can be tremendous tools for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. And even though the current pandemic has forced us to think beyond church buildings (a good thing in many ways), land and buildings will continue to be a vital part of ministry in the future. In this episode, Scott Achterling, President and CEO of Christian Investors Financial (, tells us what we can be doing now to maximize our church facilities and prepare wisely for the future. Even if a church isn’t ready to build, there’s a good chance that a refinance could be an excellent move. Or, perhaps your church is eyeing a piece of land that seems way out of range. Maybe it’s just a matter of figuring out how to renovate the old 1960’s building that is paid off but is falling apart. The point is, there is probably something you can do, and probably some way Christian Investors can help. All of these issues are discussed in this episode, as well as avoiding common mistakes with capital projects, why “reasonable debt” can be strategic for the church, and why a capital campaign consultant is worth every penny. As part of the EFCA family, CIF should be your first call to figure out how to take the next step in moving forward with the vision God has given your church.  

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